Fish the Swing is a fly fishing guide service owned and operated by Jeff Hickman, specializing in two-handed rod fly fishing for steelhead in northern Oregon’s best rivers.

In his 20 years of experience fishing these rivers Jeff has gained a vast knowledge of the fish that inhabit them and how to catch them on the swing, the best way to do it! Using a jet boat to access the best water, all fishing is done while wading. Jeff has the unique ability to use both your existing skills and teach you new skills to give you the best chance at catching fish while giving you the best experience possible on the water. With his laid back style of teaching and no nonsense approach to guiding and fishing, you are certain to learn a ton in a day spent on the water with him.

We feel that you will agree, if its your first day with him or your 100th, it will be a blast. So come on out and Fish The Swing with Jeff.

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